bundibird I've just realised Stan Lee will have a cameo in every single one of the MCU films from the original generation but he wont be in any of the new gen films Avengers 4 marks the end of the road for some of the OG Avengers and it's also the end of the road for Stan They've already got Captain Marvel ready to go and they've finished all the filming for Avengers 4 so he'll be in both of those movies but then everything that comes after Spidey Far From Home and onwards- he wont be in All the new gen films What I'm saying is whichever original Avengers we permanently lose in A4 we're losing Stan at the same time He's going out at the same time as them A4 marks the end of an era and that's the film that his cameos will end with That's actually kind of fitting really He's going out at the end of an era The end of an era Meme

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