BUR BURRITO EL ACAPULCO A large flour tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef or chicken Served with mexican rice and beans Garnished with lettuce sour cream and tomatoes 825 BURRITO MEXICANO A flour tortilla stuffed with shredded b onions and bell peppers Topped with lettuce tomatoes and guacamole 6 BURRITO LOCO BURRITOS DELUXE Two flour tortillas wrapped around beans and breast of chicken Topped with cheese lettuce tomatoes special sauce and sour cream 87 One jumbo flour tortilla with beef ste chicken breast or mix Covered with lettuce sour cream guacamole and BURRITO BANDERA Ground beef or shredded chicken burrito covered with chipotle cheese and green sauce Served with lettuce tomatoes and sour cream 775 Add 250 for fajita meat BURRITO GRANDE One jumbo flour tortilla filled with y steak rice beans sour cream lettu FLAMING BURRITO Ground beef or shredded chicken b sauce Served with rice lettuce tor Add 250 for fajita meat BURRITO SPECIAL One beef burrito with sauce Topped with cheese lettuce sour cream and tomatoes 575 S IEON BURRITO Two flou st AY CARAMBA BURRITOS One pork one grilled chicken and c cheese sauce and served with bla ce of sliced grilled chicken or ce and served with CHIMICHANGAS CHIMICHANGA Stuffed flour tortilla with your choice of gr and topped with cheese sauce Served wit beans 850 e s SHRIMP CHIMICHANGA A flour tortilla stuffed with shrimp onions b sauce Served with lettuce sour cream g SPECIALTIES oF THE EL VALLE SPECIAL RANCHERO SPECIAL Grilled chicken shrimp or mix Served on a bed of rice and topped with sauteed bell peppers onions tomatoes and a special cheese sauce 1050 4 oz grilled chicken breast 4 o and one cheese enchilada Serv and choice of corn or flour tortil uacamole sour cream and pic Picture in the way of a menu item! Meme

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