Business An HIV treatment cost taxpavers millions The government patented it But a pharma giant is making billions Antiretroviral pills Truvada sit on a tray at Jack's Drug Store on Nov 23 2010 in San Anselmo Calif Justin SullivanGetty Images By Christopher Rowland March 26 at 726 PM Thomas Folks spent vears in his US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lab developing a treatment to block deadly HI co AIDS V in monkeys Then San Francis researcher Robert Grant using $50 million in federal grants proved the treatment worked in people who engaged in risky sex Their work-almost fully funded by US toxic-spill socialistexan whyyoustabbedme httpswwwwashingtonpostcombusinesseconomypharma-giant-profits-from-hiv-treatment-funded-by-taxpayers-and-patented-by-the-government 1 Taxpayer-funded research discovers new use for HIV drug 2 Company w monopoly on drug says gov cant patent it 3 Company makes $3B on drugyear 4 Taxpayers get no return on investment ~80% who need treatment dont get it Our capitalist aristocratic elites commit mass murder and treason against the people and make billions some black guy gets caught with a joint and goes to jail for years… “American justice” sure is a joke This is incredibly common with pharmaceuticals in the US Drugs are researched with public funds patented by the government but then they are given directly to a private corporation for billions if not trillions in profit for that corporation 210 drugs from 2010 to 2016 benefited from this process Kill capitalism before it kills humanity Meme

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