But conjuring del Toro's dreams is a tal ask and Hollywood isn't exactly in the busi- ness of financing monster-human romances Fox Searchlight offered to bankroll the film at $195 million but only if del Toro agreed to abandon his original plan to shoot Shape in black and white He agreed To be disarm- ingly and horribly honest he says black and white was a pawn sacrifice I was not really ppear reasonable 'Oh Guillermo! He's such a nice interested in it but I knew I needed to a guy He gave up black and white that budget ure Toronto-set production had to get creative to believably re create 1962 Baltimore Fortunately production designer Paul D Austerberry 30 Days of Night visited the Toronto sets of the de roduced FX series The Strain just as He was able to save urpose it for Shape We e mateiil ofa lot of set builds for a movie er set-building budget Auster- without a proper e and his team also scoured il spookwarfareHoly shit dudes Meme

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