But thanks bro! busy lately with everything How you been?0 iMessage Today 416 PM Good to hear and yeah same here busy busy and got married to this girl and nave a baby on the way and she has 2 already lol so l have a big Tamily now lol Hey buddy long time no talk! How's life treating you? Last time we talked you had just gotten married and had a baby on the way Read 541 PM Went from just me to a family of almost 5 Today 541 PM Hey man! Life is good! Been in Israel since March 10th Apr 27 2018 1031 PM Damn dude that's crazy Congrats! That all happened really fast lo Got divorced back in feb lol and baby was not mine Loving it out here tho living the dream! How's it going Haha yeah no doubt But thanks bro! iMessage 0 0 25 ¡Message I haven’t talked to my one friend in almost a year and wanted to reach out A lot has changed since I last spoke with him Meme

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