BUT YOURE LIKE REALLY PRETTYCOM celebrates GIRLS O YEARS LATE CADYHERON 20 COLLEGE After graduating from North Shore High School Cady attended the University of Chicago She graduated in 2009 with a degree in photo journalism After graduating she joined the peace corps in order to travel back to Africa While in Africa Cady had a series of photographs published by National Geographic The series followed Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the Underbelly Tribe LOVE LIFE Cady had a brief fling with Aaron Samuels in 2005 but quickly put an end to it Cady was a Virgin until sophomore year of college One drunken night she lost her V-card to an Australian she met in a dive bar in Chicago She thinks his name was Brody WHAT SHE'S UP TO TOD AY Cady lives in Washington DC and works for National Geographic as a photo journalist She joined Tinder last month and started messaging with Glen Coco The two have gone on 2 dates in the last week and Cady is thinking about sleeping with him You go Glen Coco! BUT YOURE LIKE REALLY PRETTYCOM celebrates GIRLS O YEARS LATE REGINAGEORGE 27 COLLEGE University of Maryland on a full lacrosse scholarship But on the first day of practice the goalie groped her tit and she called it quits Regina couldn't have people thinking she was a lesbian She didn't lose her scholarship though as she threatened to sue the school for sexual assault and endangerment Later that year she joined the Delta Gamma sorority The big sisters loved her so much they nominated her to be pledge master sophomore year Regina was accepted to the LOVE LIFE Omen every year since 2006 But says she is officially done with him ever since she flew out to LA in the fall of 2013 to track down John Stamos Supposedly she blew him in the bathroom at Bootsy Bellows Regina has slept with Shane WHAT SHE'S UP TO TOD AY Regina graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Fashion Merchandising She lives in Chicago and nas her own jewelry line called xoRegina Tori Spelling was recently spotted wearing one of Regina's signature choker necklaces Her father bought her an apartment and a pair of tits as a graduation present in 2009 Last week she had a call-back auditiorn for The Bachelor and is hoping she will be on the next season BUT YOURE LIKE REALLY PRETTYCOM celebrates GIRLS O YEARS LATE GRETCHENWEINERS 27 COLLECE Gretchen attended Brown University her father's alma mater Her parents bought her an apartment irn Providence the summer of 2005 to make her transition into college easier By her sophomore year Gretchen joined the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and declared her major political science Gretchen technically failed out of Brown University 3 times but her family connections to the board allowed her to graduate in the summer of 2009 LOVE LIFE Gretchen dumped her asian boyfriend right before leaving for Brown She wanted to have a slutty freshman year Ms Weiners says she had sex with about 215 guys and gave countless BJs By sophomore year Gretchen had a gonohrrea scare and vowed to become a born again virgin Irregardless during Kappa Alpha Theta's annual spring costume party Joggers and Rapists Gretchen met and boned the man she is married to today Stoole Stedborn WHAT SHE 'S UP TO TOD AY Gretchen convinced Stoole to move back to her hometown to become a partner at her father's corporation retchen and Stoole recently purchased The George's old house they moved to Palm Beach The couple plans on demolishing the entire mansion to build a private family compound as Gretchen describes it BUT YOURE LIKE REALLY PRETTYCOM celebrates GIRLS O YEARS LATE KARENSMITH 1948-2013 COLLEGE Karen was rejected from every college she applied to after receiving a 715 on her SATs She attended Evansville Community College She continued to do weather reports for the public access channel and became a sort of celebrity in town Her fan base were mostly 35 year old men who still lived at home with their parents KAREN SMITH 1988 2013 Even though the gods are crazy Even though the stars are blind If you show me real love baby I'll show you mine LOVE LIFE Karen dumped her 1st cousin Seth Mosakowski and began dating his brother WHAT SHE'S UP TO TOD AY Sadly Karen passed away in the summer of 2013 One night at a party after 8 RBVs sugar-free red bull and vodkas Karen was dared to stand on a roof for 2 minutes with a metal pole during aa severe thunderstorm Karen was on the roof for 30 secs before being struck by a massive lightning bolt Eyewitnesses say she was launched from the rooftop like a human missile Everyone wore pink to the funeral butyourelikereallypretty But Mean Girls Like Really Came Out 10 Years Ago?! Meme

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