BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed Follow People have decided Pennywise from It is gay and he's dating the Babadook bzfdit2eVS9kT 955 AM -13 Sep 2017 125 Retweets 459 Likes 8g @ @ A·D叻 O 21 tl 125 459 livelegatolagrange smatter helelrising pro-gay nokiabae Babadook was an annoying but palatable joke but it’s very evident now that gay relationships are still seen as frivolous entertainment also like the babadook meme was born out of a technical mistake on Netflix this is just borderline projecting how straight ppl see gay ppl lol creepy and predatory towards kids Considering the real beliefs that gay people are predators out there who want to harm innocent children yeah this is disgusting and homophobic considering Pennywise is a character who not only does that but is based on a real life predator I usually feel like these comments are stretching it but I definitely agree with these comments I mean I can laugh at Republicans screaming when you say some character is gay but this joke feels forced Meme

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