Follow @undocumedia for the latest updates on DACA and immigration. *On September 5th, Trump rescinded DACA.It is an attack on the immigrant community and this decision aims to discourage and instill fear in undocumented youth. Do not let Trump and his administration dictate the lives of your family, friends, co-workers and broader community. If your DACA expires between September 5, 2017 and March 5th 2018, you CAN renew, you have before October 5th, 2017 to submit those applications. *Note: If you are eligible to submit this DACA renewal, then they must receive it before October 5th, 2017.This is not the same as it being postmarked that same date. Make sure you plan on sending it in ahead of time. Repost @buzzfeednews ・・・ Houston-area paramedic Jesus Contreras worked six straight days after Harvey hammered through southeast Texas. But when he got home Thursday and saw the news Trump may end DACA he said it was “like getting an extra kick to the face.”