C 1 111 5% ! 558 PM 1news load more comments 1 reply StevoSmash 22 points 5 hours ago Sentencing guidelines said a max of 5 years not not a big break given his cooperation however late it may be load more comments 4 replies load more comments 32 replies thelitelonee 3856 points 5 hours ago I like lawyers who don't go to jail MrCance 645 points 5 hours ago I like lawyers who weren't captured alright? MrGoin 92 points 2 hours ago Time for Melania Trump to bring out her l don't really care do you? jacket again oeyGOATgruff score hidden 1 hour ago She always has that look like wtf did you do donald?! How'd i get here I miss New York or record scratch yup that's me I bet you're wondering how i got into this Tallgeese3w score hidden 1 hour ago Just demokkkrat sexism against melania Nothing to see here Meme

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