C18 C418 Playlist - Minecraft Volume Alpha 24 videos SketchyChris Fronexe 2 years ago I dream of a golden age When the community of cringe has withered to little more than nothing and youtube has forgotten entirely of Minecraft Sometime in that age a youtuber maybe big maybe small walks into an enormous library A library of games They walk to an empty aisle and pick up an old dusty book That book is Minecraft Having no idea what Minecraft is they flip through the book to find a wonderland of creativity in the form of blocks They make a video on it not doing bedwars or skywars or lucky block or anything like that They simply build Grab a couple friends Maybe punch some sheep Then when that video goes viral the world is reminded again of the wonder that is Minecraft Then and maybe then the beauty and magic of the rising square sun over the landscape of blocks is visible once again 35K 336 VIEW 336 REPLIES he did it Meme

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