cable and phone with it I was still steady saying No Now I got a $400 bill from Spectrum yay INTERNET ONLY $400 cable bill He then talks YOU right into a phone line which you didn't need because you have a cell phone and Apple TV You agreed YOU AGREED And then you said after you hung up you did that to get it over with I specifically told you I would pay I know I said I wouldn't be able to afford it and that's exactly what I said I wouldn't be able to afford it But once again I got stuck with the bill HALF THE INTERNET ONLY!!! we talked about the internet on the porch when gabreal was in that facility YOU brought it up YOU DID NITA! You said and I WHY WOULD I PAY FOR HALF OF EVERYTHING?!? I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A TV?!? I told youl was not going to pay for anything DID NOT use I quote Maybe if we get something for him to do he won't mess with the baby and steal from the apartments I agreed I would help pay half THE INTERNET And that was it So then we made the call to COULDN'T EVEN WATCH TV ON MY PHON!!! I literally told you I would only pay HALF THE INTERNET Repeatedly I said that REPEATEDLY!!!! Spectrum and I was steady telling the guy INTERNET ONLY!! You got on the phone made with mematicing about their Aa My Cousin Blaming Me When She Wanted Internet Meme

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