Call FaceTime Add Contact Text Message I'm David Your contact last month has W O N'! Go to httpwinyourxmascom? FAJJHAKKFG and try - 6426 Wut? I don't know who this is? David? From like 2nd grade?! Dude I haven't talked to you in forever! Holy shit man! How have you been?! heard you got married to Karen Dude that's awesome I'll admit it was a little weird for me when you two started dating given our history but I'm so stoked for you I mean she was like my girlfriend for 9 years and we were engaged Then you knowI lost my job because of my drinking problem And then lost our house because of my cocaine problem And then there's the fact I started beating her senseless because I was lashing out and she was the always the closet thing around that made me feel better when I hit it lol does she still walk with that limp after I pushed her down the stairs? God memories man ya know? Actually don't tell her I said that She probably won't think it's funny She doesn't really talk to me anymore How did her reconstructive jaw surgery go? At least is made her fat ass skinny because she had to eat through a straw right?! lolll you owe me a beer for that one dude I still have a lot of her stuff actually She got that restraining order against me so I didn't know what to do with it so it's just in a box sitting in the middle of my barren living room Sometimes when I pick up a bottle and skip out on my AA meetings I just sit here and stare at it It's actually making me kinda sad right now No one could burn a TV dinner or take a hit like her you know? Damn I shouldn't have looked inside this box All this stuff and memories I want her back David Dude stop Then don't text me this stupid contest shit asshole OText Message Send QWERTYUIO P ASD F GH JKL ZX CVBNM 123 return space Me irl Meme

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