Call-out post for Wolverine because he's fake af fuckscottsummers e-suls fuckscottsummers fuckscottsummers Is a loner and yet he's been a member of like 37 different teams had MULTIPLE teenage sidekicks is friends with like everyone including many of his enemies Drinks a lot of beer but its only a metaphor bc his healing factor prevents him from getting drunk pretends to be cool but is actually a weeb licked cyclops's facebut not in a gay way wakes up early every morning to style his hair like that and u know he only does his hair like that to make his short ass seem slightly taller his name isnt even Logan! He stole that name! its actually james u can see why he changed it is canadian but never sorry?? speaks like 12 languages yet still uses 'bub unironically thats not how claws work kills people and then lectures everyone else about not killing shut up logan ur not that cute why are there o fanfictions about the time he was a vampire i hate this fandom most of his costumes are just the same things with slight variations lazy his hair always just grows back instantly when he heals so like how does he shave just kidding i love him this is him but its only the top of his head because hes so short Reblogging so everyone who just saw Logan and thinks he's cool will knovw kissed hercules in outer space when he was a vampire he fought dracula for a chance to bite captain america always looking for a fight an edgelord king with edgelord prince and princess for children always grumpy but no one cares really old but doesn't look it dermatologists hate him probably needs a hug never learns that fighting magneto with a metal skeleton is a bad idea in love with AT LEAST 3 people at all times likes wearing canary yellow even when he's not in uniform smells Quit your bullshit Wolverine 3 Meme

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