Cameron Thomas likes this Broadview Park District The fun place to be 11 d Michelle Obama! The first first lady to attend an Ivy League University for undergrad and the second one to attend an Ivy League at all Michelle Obama is one of the most academically accomplished first ladies She skipped second grade graduated salutatorian at her magnet high school for gifted students went to Princeton graduating cum laude and then Harvard Law School -The Huffington Post #29daysofBlackH istory 23750 Likes 1862 Comments whiskey-and-c41 fem-me-fatale highkey-melanin thehijabstylist I knew she had a degree but didn’t know she was the most educated First Lady this needs to be on everyone’s dash… Michelle was actually Baracks political advisor that’s how they met I personally believe she should’ve been president herself Michelle Obama 2020 Meme

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