CAMP COUNSELLOR'S MANIFESTO I am a Summer camp counSellor I believe in camp I believs in Shorts t-Shirts and sandals I believe in Singing at the table Ibelieve in early morning cip even if Idon't alrays go 1 belleve everyone should know sve garses to play on a bus I ballare that If you play with ehldren you wll stay chldika I baliava fhaf carp raloas a difarenca in avary carrper life as well a ny aur АТР s a place test an get anay rcor the rush 0Eeseryday e and beck to the besics Icome to camp for the campers but also for ryselF Evary carper is an hdlidual and Insed to trea thary as such One method does not work with all campers And help ae to give ther each the suner of their lives I will rere raber ray favorite counssllors and teachers ay rererbering & drar on the poSitives o tiese people to rabe ryselk intos better counsellcc I api the aost iepportant person at carp to vy carppors Fy eanpers will hateh everything that I do and say this surarer So I want to do what is right and Say what is good Camper See camper do I need help and I Mill not be afraic to ask for it The staff want to saa me succaad and will halp ma to do sa but only if I ssk Camp is carmp besause of the people that are there belisvs that svEry child Should have an opportunity to attond carp at Sorme poi in their lives Camp is good no camp is great in fact I believe camp is the best place to be I believe this is going to be the best Surnmer yet writtn by1mcl hrdz Meme

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