CANNABIS IS CLASSIFIED INTO THREE SPECIES SATIVA INDICA OR RUDERALIS The cannabis we love to smoke is eitherindica sativa or usually a hybrid oftke two WIDE BROAD LONG THIN LEAVES LEAVES IGHT COLOR DEEP COLOR SATIVA INDICA VS RUDERALIS is a short hearty wild strain with fewer leaes and low THC content It is not used for consoning lut is sometimes crosshred with indicas or sativas to produce an autofloweinghybrid-meaning it will produce fiowers ods based on age ratlher than light cles like sativas or indicas GROWING -FLOWERING TIME 10-16 WEEKS FLOWERING TIME 6-8 WEEKS AIRY TALL BUDS DENSE PLUMP BUDS HYBRID STRAINS INDICA SATIVA STRAINS THO LEVEL LEVELS CeD THO LEVEL LEVEL EFFECTS CREATIVE RELAXED CAREFREE EUPHORIA SOCIABLE CHEERFUL MELLOW DAYTIME MINDHIGH NIGHTIME BODYSTONED Which do you prefer? @TheDailyChief420 - My boy @LiftedKush got them both ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜‰ Meme

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