Capitalist Summary forces Ac Capitalists are strong believers in the efficiency of market forces According to capitalists The system works best when those who work hard are allowed to profit highly from their endeavors Capitalists are opposed to taxation especially progressive taxation as it acts as a disincentive to enterprise Welfare payments are also seen as a disincentive to free enterprise as they discourage people from working hard o profit highly from their Happiness Membership Income Percentage of population 000% 0 Current opinion of government Fanatically Opposed Cynicism Trusting Happiness Influences Cynicism Airline Tax Child Benefit Clean Energy Subsidies Corporation Tax Disability Benefit Income Tax Capital Gains Tax Labor Laws Luxury Goods Tax Organic Farming Subsidy Pollution Controls Property Tax EWS DAILY NE CORD UNEMPLOYN Anger feeds support for Business First r Battenburg Group ECONMY IN CR olor sit amet consecte magna alqua Ut enim ad minim a magna aliqua U Meme

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