captainsnoop i don't remember where i read this so take it with a grain of salt but i remember reading about Retro Studios talking with Nintendo during the development of Metroid Prime and Retro asked if Samus could actually do some bounty hunting for once and Nintendo was like what do you mean? and Retro was like You know Accept money to hunt down wanted people and nintendo was just like what??? what?! no! no she can't do that! why would you even ask! and Retro had to explain to Nintendo what a bounty hunter was because evidently they thought the phrase bounty hunter meant cool space explorer and not person who accepts money to hunt people 26395 notes hizm cinnamontoasten 5am Hey Smv minuTe areat job on the lasit mission T hope yov dont min me asRinabl 0 How mveh ds you vally e+ pa 'know 2 hnter al a? Sam j? cacodactyl ever since i read that nintendo didnt know what a bounty hunter was i headcanoned that samus didnt either Source cacodactyl 16630 notes Best Metroid Canon Meme

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