captainsnoop i love the storytelling in the Kirby games because of the ever-present implication that something extremely significant is going on in the background of Kirby's peaceful life on Popstar like in the Kirby universe there's this massive war between technology and magic and gigantic space demons with cat faces and you don't get to learn anything significant about it you are looking at these events of cosmic significance through Kirby's eyes and all Kirby knows is that these are are assholes that caused his sandwich to fall on the kitchen floor this morning and they need to pay for that crime like imagine you're some kind of cosmic warlord demon bent on dominating the universe but somehow you blowing up a planet caused a sandwich to fall off a plate and that enraged the wrong extremely strong pink baby kirby doesn't know or care who you are or what you've accomplished you indirectly fucked with his lunch and now he's coming to kill you Kirby kirby the star of the show Meme

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