Captureditclub Wi-Fi Calling 23% a facebookcom In the meantime please consider donating any spa or personal care items to my home address if you even care about me at all We've lost close to 3k from the money fund due to medical expenses and we would like the more affluent members of the family to consider donations as a courtesy Remember I will be on a social media blackout starting in an hour You can contact my financé if you must As Gengus Khan once said silence isn't empty It's full of answers 9 mins Like Reply More Bride's aunt on that thought I would like my $3500 donation returned and will not be attending the new wedding event Please return my money in full to You can do a cashiers check or money order Certified funds only please 5 mins Like Reply More Bride's mos No Pam this isn't the response we talked about You're letting your emotions get the best of you but I'm your mother and If you don't answer I'm coming over now Let's get this sorted out hunny 4 mins Like Reply More Meme

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