Carausins and the fourth century somewhere near Southampton Water where he burnt his boats before marching inland Allectus lacked the strategic genius of his predecessor and gave way to in- Cecision He made the twin mistakes of leaving the naval initiative to his foes nd of being misled by Constantius' naval activity in the straits into concen- ting his forces at the wrong place These forces consisted partly as we shall of regiments from the north including the Wall and partly of Frankish cenaries When the news of the landing reached him he had to hurry off to London and only the weather saved him from being caught between avading armies for Constantius' transports were unable to make land e Caesar himself had to return to Boulogne Meanwhile a decisive battle ght somewhere in the region of Silchester and in it Allectus lost his ner because of his haste or more probably because he could not rely regular troops he was unable to deploy the whole of his strength asualties were mainly among his barbarian mercenaries' There are Silchester itself was damaged in the resulting tumult Constantius' own transports reached London in time to save it reating Franks and when Constantius himself arrived he was riumphant welcome The scene is recorded for us on the great a found near Arras which shows the tutela of London kneeling a at her gates and the legend Redditor lucis aeternae pl 5 5 Relief genuine the danger only just averted The anonymous ane ntius uses almost the same words to desgr tanni kind strangerue of Constantius Chlorus is the ani tandem vera imperii have been the occasion for tandem libe 211 this omg e Caesarea to London in honour of Constantius s dead considerable reorganisation and reconstruction had his conqueror It seems probable that the two provinces and Inferior into which Roman Britain had been divided almost at once reorganised into smaller units and the - was a preliminary separation into three provinces of 2 Allectus adeo properavit ad xerit sed mortem edit thanks for the denarius kind stranger Meme

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