memecollegeextra: memecollege: “I used to drug and rob niggas” - Cardi B If yall dont cancel her, Im quitting all social media forever. No argument honestly. At this point, if someone defends her, then this just blatant Double Standards. Sexual Assault is Sexual Assault.  Roofing is Roofing. Yall accused MJ of crimes that were never on camera, and they were dismissed with no evidence.  Cardi B just admitted to a crime, that she actually did. If she gets off scott free with no repercussions, then yeah Im done too. The thing I like to add as well.MJ was accused, and he was acquitted.Cardi B ADMITTED TO A CRIME, and she is free.This would be different if some ACCUSED her of the crime she ADMITTED.BUT SHE ADMITTED TO A CRIME.WHY ARE U HOES DEFENDING HER??????????????????????