Cardi B Speaks Up For Video Vixens In The Me Too Movement & Sounds Off About Her Past Y'all Going To Respect These Strippers From Now On @balleralert iamcardib My stripper comment had NOTHING to do with the ME TOO movement! What i said about the ME TOO movement was there's a lot of video vixens and urban models that get bribe by manphotographersdirectors Like if you want to be the lead girl in this video or if you want to be in this magazine you need to do this and that Most likely something sexual and when the woman speak up nobody cares because since they are vixens or model for urban they are concider a Hoe but these are the same woman ya love watching and be making this music videos and look great and they also the woman your man like to see on magazines A lot of woman out here always taking about equality and feminism but ya want to have a standard on what ya should stand up for You should stand and respect all type of woman Lawyerdoctor video vixen stripper stand up for all You are no better than anybody else ERL RALERTCONM cardib metoo Meme

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