CASH ME OUSSIDE r PHHOWBOW DAH memecrunchcom You may continue debating and eventually fight me outside my place of work agreed? I feel like we've reached an impasse in our civil discussion where you've goaded me into a more agitated state of mind by way of disrespectful conduct I bid you to vacate these premises immediately as to delay further confrontation until my contractual obligations for the day are fulfilled I shall give you the opportunity thereafter to meet me with a more consciencious attitude so we may resolve this sqabble in a more civilized manner but judging from the behaviour exhibited in my place of work I have my doubts our discussion will not eventually escalate from a mere exchange of words into a full degeneration of communication and into a fisticuffs which I whole- heartedly assure you I am well-equipped to deal with as you can hear by the self-assured inflection and tone of my voice Do you concur? Dr Phil just sitting there patiently waiting Meme

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