castieltherebel dreamingofdoctorwho museum-of-artifacts 2000-year-old roman face cream with visible ancient fingermarks Preserved within a small tin canister the cream was discovered during excavations by Pre-Construct Archaeology of a Roman temple precinct on Tabard Street Southwark in 2003 The main constituent of the cream was animal fat mixed with starch and tin oxide imagine if they got a clear finger print from that and then just for shits and giggles they put it into a police data base or whatever and one day there's a murder the only evidence anyone was there is a hand print and one of the fingerprints matches the 2000 year old one suddenly they begin to find more and more unsolved murders that all have a similar trend only one piece of evidence to tell who the murderer was and it's a hand print or a finger print of some kind and it's always the same person its the same one thats been happening for decades maybe even hundreds of years HOLY SHIT uhhh Meme

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