catchymemes McDonald's loses EU trademark battle over the Big Mac Burger King starts trolling them BIG MAC-ISH BUT FLAME- GRILLED OF COURSE NOT BIG MACs BURGER BIG MAC WISHED IT WAS IKE A BIG MAC UT ACTUALLY BIG 必 93 89 KIND OF LIKE A BIG MAC ANYTHING BUT UT JUICIER AND TASTIER A BIG MAC 25 787 39a 69 confused-robot-cat The full story There is an Irish restaurant chain called Supermacs that has opnened around 100 stores in Ireland since 1978 Recently McDonald's decided that this small restaurant chain that hasn't even made it out of Ireland needed to be taught a lesson and sued them on the basis that Supermacs infringes on the Big Mac brand name Which is of course absolutely ridiculous McDonald's ended up losing the case because of course they did they didn't have a case to begin with As a result McDonald's lost the rights to the term Big Mac across the entire European Union Which is why Burger King gets to do this with no legal repercussions A Big McLoss for the Golden Arches Meme

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