CATE GAVEIRANIMILLIONS TOBUILDA NUCLEAR!ARSENAL GAVE THE CITY OF FLINT MILLIONS TO FINALLY FIXTHE WATER CRISIS eing spateiotic The US needs to consider military action to disrupt Iran’s malign activities in the Middle East North Africa and South Asia which have intensified since the Islamic Republic signed a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015 a top American commander warned American lawmakers Gen Joseph Votel the head of US Central Command CENTCOM testified Wednesday before the House Armed Services Committee about the security challenges facing his area of responsibility AOR In his written testimony Gen Votel declared “Iran poses the most significant threat to the Central Region and to our national interests and the interests of our partners and alliesWe have not seen any improvement in Iran’s behavior since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA addressing Iran’s nuclear program was finalized in July 2015” Gen Votel also declared his concerns that Iran has increased destabilizing activity since the deal with Obama Political weakness of our former president resulted in a real threat to the world growing in the Middle East And it’s not just a military superpower Iran is also an country that spreads Islamic influence patriots americanpatriots politics conservative libertarian patriotic republican usa america americaproud peace nowar wethepeople patriot republican freedom secondamendment MAGA PresidentTrump Meme

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