caucasianscriptures Unarmed Heckler @ra the purge for 12 hours everything is legal even murder me so like everything including immigration violations? the purge uh me and export restrictions on encryption algorithms? the purge thats not really me and software piracy for sure right the purge look Asking the real questions here solitarelee I watched a video on youtube that pointed out that the Purge is DURING TAX SEASON so there's nothing that stops you from fling your taxes while lying about EVERYTHING and then getting a big ol' tax refund XD e angry-stone-marx Distributes excess Smashes hostile Robs a Walmart inventory food clothes etc stolen from work during the Purge architecture during the Purge and distributes its entire stock to the people during the Purge LAWFUL GOOD CHAOTIC GOOD NEUTRAL GOOD Files their taxes Smokes weed the Does not participate in the Purge fraudulently during the Purge whole time during the Purge CHAOTICNEITRAL TRGE NEITRAL Vigilante justice during the Purge Does their holiday shopping for the year during the Purge Does weird shit like kill random innocent people during the Purge LAWFIL EVIL NEITRAL EVIL HHOTIC EVIL Meme

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