cerothenull latining ratsofftoya fuck all philosophy except for whatever the hell Diogenes was trying to teach ratsofftoya In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face - Diogenes of Sinop e direct action t-nwo How about just being polite &going into a debate with those who hold diffrent beliefs then you? ratsofftoya how about you eat my shit and hair brunhiddensmusings staying true to spirit AND THATS WHY WE MUST LIVE IN A NATURAL STATE A YOUR CYNIC PHILOSOPHY IS NO BETTER THAN THAT OF A LOWLY DOC! DOC YOU SAY PLATO? the OG of the vicious burrn Alexander the Great found the philosopher looking attentively at a pile of human bones Diogenes explained T am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave shruser Diógenes said you couldn't spit anywhere but in the face of a rich man because once this rich dude invited him into his house and literally told him you can't spit on anything that touches the floor so Diógenes spit in this guys face Source ratsofftoya 255081 notes My boy Diogenes Meme

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