Ch Dude I have such a big I honestly find it disturbing that a psychopath with an over inflated opinion of himself like heart!! @theboyboywestcoast just sees women as objects and probably only has sex for the biological feeling of it and because it's healthy to have sex BUT HE WOULD NEVER DO IT @theboyboywestcoast has had like 10 girlfriends while no girl has ever wanted to sleep with me in my life I'm a really affectionate guy and I should be getting fucked everyday while BoyBoy doesn't deserve to have sex all He's not a WHILE HAVING THE INTENTION OF MAKING HIS GIRL FEELING AMAZING AND EMOTIONALLY HE WOULDN'T FEEL real one I'm a badass THRILLED OR rapper and when I get famous I want to confront BoyBoy and beat the shit out of him PASSIONATE ABOUT IT HES TOO FUCKING IMMATURE AND FAKE TO HAVE ROMANTIC And when I do it'll be SENSUAL FEELINGS FROM SEX!!! THAT heroic af BITCH ASS RACIST ASS CHEATER OMFG Send message Send message OP ranting cause “U Was At The Club” guy allegedly cheated on some of his girlfriends Meme

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