Chad Ephoroi Virgin Hetaeron Guard Vs bald HAS MANY FRIEŅDS IN THE OFFICIO ASSASINORUM BALD Almost white skin tone Has other Companions because he never leaves the but never really talks with them Palace PERFECT TAN FROM BASKING IN THE SOLS LIGHT DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING Armour is dusty because of standing in one place for couple thousand years Probably reads Lecticio MORE THAN HIS SPEAR Divinitatus when nobody's watching Probably didn't fire his weapon since the Horus heresy CAPE IS A WEAPON AS MUCH AS THE REST MORE THAN THREE MILLION OF HIS BODY Cape is tidy and well-kept CONFIRMED KILLS ALWAYS WALKS AROUND IN FULL GOLDEN has never seen combat BATTLE PLATE CHAOS GODS TREMBLE AT HIS NAME NO ONE NOTICED HIM FOR MORE THAN 10 MILLENIA WRESTLES TRAITOR PRIMARCHS IN FREE TIME VISITS SHRINE WORLDS JUST TO SPIT Would strip like the rest but ON LECTICIO DIVINITATUS IN PUBLIC Entire arsenal of the Imperium at his disposal and he jus sits in the Palace and faps BULGE SO MIGHTY NOT EVEN THE EMPEROR is too weak to take off is armour COULD CUT THROUGH IT WORKS FOR ALPHA LEGION so small Emps didn't Bulge even have to cut it off cuz i ALPHA LEGION WORKS FOR HIM MEMORIZED EVERY DIALOG LINE IN TTS too many TTS references just as well didn't exist IS ALPHARIUS HIGHFIFE'D ALPHARIUS Has done so little that literally half EVERY FMALE INQUISITOR WANTS TO WORK of the imperium thinks he doesn't exist WITH HIM FIGHTS OTHER CUSTODES TO ASSUME DOMINANCE I'm investing in Custodian memes Meme

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