Chad Intentional AbUse of Virgin Appeal to Ethos-Pathos-Logos Logical Falletcies Deny everything Address public discussion about yourself Admit nothing Accuse opponent of being part of an elite insider group that controls the perception of the masses Tell the correct story behind criticisms Personal attack I'm not here to talk about my opponent I'm just here to do what's best for the country Move on Counter accuse Tie tight enough to maximize cranial blood retention Tie removed to show you're a normal person too Jacket sleeves ripped off for uninhibited arm gestures Focus solely on destroying your opponent's reputation Jacket removed to set a casual atmosphere Surround yourself with experts who will analyze your plan with respect to economic impact foreign affairs global security and domestic stability Spandex business shirt to prevent wrinkling Sleeves rolled up to show you're here to get to work Never state your plan Don't bother reading the history of your political party and the causes of why it has evolved over time Build on common goals with members of the opposition party to create win-win outcomes Identify outlier examples of when your opponent's plan would function slightly less than 100% as intended Create a vision and mission statement behind your campaign Partner with experts you may personally dislike but you know will do excellent work Exclusively work with your best friends Establish values and goals to achieve the vision and mission Label these deficiencies as Create informative presentations based on expert research that explain how you intend to fund staff and execute your planned tasks to achieve your goal the actual intent Shoes unfit for walking more than 50 feet at a time that's what interns are for Pardon my sneakers I've got a lot of constituents to visit! Virgin vs Chad Political Discourse Meme

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