ChairmanMeow @ChairmanMeow4LP Follow TANSTAAFL- There ain't no such thing as a free lunch This is the theme of the Libertarian Party National Convention in 2020 What a perfect theme for racists misogynists and social Darwinists I will not be renewing my LP membership or attending that joke of a conference 743 AM-11 Apr 2019 1 Like ta Beau Perry A @beaubeano Apr 12 Replying to @ChairmanMeow4LF Any plans on joining a different party? ti ChairmanMeowaChairmanMeow4LP Apr 12 Im filing my paperwork next week for Warren Mayor non-partisan Leading into 2020 I'm going to focus my efforts in the DSA and I'm flirting with the idea of Democratic primary challenge in 2020 Otherwise I support SPUSA and the GP In other news Property is Theft guy bails from the LP! Meme

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