Champions League Alex Sandro Alisson Angel Di Maria Antoine Griezmann Buffon CR7 Christian Pulisic Courtois Coutinho Dani A Marco Reus Where are you all? 1638 THE WAIT IS OVER 1638 FB CR7 S 1652 Dele Alli YES KNOCKOUTS I 1654 Romelu Lukaku Why are you happy Dele? This is the round where Spurs get knocked out by the big teams remember? 1655 Dele Alli Sorry big Rom I can't hear you from the top 3 X 1656 Romelu Lukaku Top 3 ls tat te thing where we beat your assin the Wori up? I 1657 Nah I'm joking bro at least you're trying and putting the pressure on Mauricio Pochettino You'll see this year we will show everyone that we're made of steel1703 Pep Guardiola 1700 The UCL is back šŸ˜„ ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā € šŸ“ø @footybase Meme

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