CHamystimy husband See this guy? His name is Louis Tomlinson and he'saterrible person I used to be afan ofHim the big most dedicated Louis stan But after i found out the Truth about him dlost every little bit of respect and admiration I had for this disgusting person and After reading this you will too I'm making this Post so people will knowthe real personthat is Louis Tomlinson and instead of being fans and walking behind him blindly help me spread the word this man does not deserve the respect you give him let's start from Beginning it a started in 2011 he started dating this beautiful girl Named Eleanor calder she loved him Maybe too much while all he wanted from her was Sex and god knows what else how dolknow that? he didnt love her at all hekept telling people in interviews about howhe doesnt want acommitment with her and looked abit taken aback whenever she was brought up he mentally abused her those four miserable years and whenhe didnt she used to spend weeks without him contacting her ifthat's not badenough he cheated on her after she gave him everything after foyr years together she was absolutely broken after the breakup but he? was outthere partying taking girls to his hotel room hanging out with his friends and knocking agirl up onlyamonth after the breakup he left his baby mamma and BROKE UP WITH HER TOO and while she was still preggoswith his child he kept going out and partying ignoring the poor woman completely-hewasnt even inLAwhen she was in labor he started DatingAnother girl of course Didn't even take abreak-doingnothing but damage to her his son and baby-momma got hate Freddie was taking so much shit and rumors about him not being real something Louis ignored for months-But he was quick to defend his girlfriend when her nudes leaked agreat father indeed he saw his son for only 45 minutes at atime exchanging him with his motherin parking lots and then he dumped his poor girlfriend without an explanation and amonthlater started dating eleanor again- After cheating on her with brianatwo years before that he plays with women's bodies and hearts liketheyre nothing do you really stanthat? he ignored his son only meets him forafewhours at atime and never defendshim do youreally stan that? Do you really believe this is our Louis? theLouis that grewup with four sisters and an incredible mother being taught to respect and treat woman and the people in his life right? this actually more believable than him being in love withaman? Wait for it coz I too was this close to book my flight tickets and kick some asses and go on a endless killing spree!!!! Meme

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