chaoticallyprecise SO in Britain all the swans may belong to the Queen but lemme tell you about Hamburg Hamburg is built around a river so there's many many many canals the 2400+ bridges put Venice and Amsterdam to shame as well as a fairly sizeable lake here the smaller section innit precious This means a shittonne of swans stay away from the swans seriously don't go sailing on the lake because they WILL chase you Obvs swans aren't made for cold weather p sure they're all Australian immigrants actually so Hamburg has an official job position to take care of the issue This dude's name is Olaf Nieß trying to spell his name on non-German keyboards must be fun sJo0ikts of getting stais 2uem serious This guy's job title is Schwanenvater aka swan father and his job literally consists of getting swans to safety before the winter chill sets in How does he do this you wonder? Easy he goes up to EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SWAN in the city and sticks them in barges I'm serious aem in barges Look at this dude and his swans Swans are like Satan's personal pet and he paddles around with barges full of them like it's nbd I fucking love this guy he's braver than all of us and deserves some recognition for his absurd line of work Meet the Swan Father Meme

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