CHAPTER Two be realy anmying The seake nded vig mit va whik he spokpidover aad ด'pin hers and Dud ly the sime ihey wew allbek in Uncle Vernon's cas Dudley was teling ปim how it hnd ค¡arly be om fxf hin Irg while Piers was lking to t wereat yen Harry never beem Bi o saning on Harry e was so angry he could handly speak He AND LOOK AT THIS SNAKE YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT IT'S DOING ollageod into a chais and Auat Penanis hed to rus and ge him large heandy Our of the way yobe uid punching Harry in the vi Harry lay in hin dack cupboard wach lanes wiahing he had a wanch FHe didet know whar time it was and he coulde' be sane the Dus leys were asderp yet Uneil they were he coaldn's risk smeaking the kinchen for soe foed he wes chey had leape back with howls of ho Hed lived with the Dunkeys almost tn yean sen miserable yean as long as he could cemember ever since he' d been a baby and his parenis had died in thar car crash He coolda't semember being in the car when his parens had died Sometimes when he erained his memory during long hours in his cupboand he came up wizh a strange vision a Hinding flash of green lighe and a burs- ng pain on bis forehead This he supposed was the crish theugh he couldn'i imagine whese all the grees ighs came fom He Asthe soake alidwily s him Harycoukt have sworn a low hing ie saidBeanil here I comeThanks amigo The keeper of the epile house was in shock 29 The #2 most addicting site MUGGLENET MEMESCOM <p>Did Harry free Nagini from the glass cage in chapter two of The Sorceror&rsquos Stone? Or was it a different snake and just a coincidence? <a href=httpifttt1v43VIE>httpifttt1v43VIE<a><p> Meme

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