Charlamagne Tha God @cthagod This #DidOjConfess special is the most YOLO Na-na Na-na Boo Boo shit l ever seen a man do and I have no idea why they have decided to air this special now cthagod I'm so damn confused right now Whenl was a kid I really thought OJ was innocent and the crooked cops in LA was just out to get him Even if you still think OJ is innocent after watching this #DidOJConfess then ask yourself what in the hell would convince him to do a hypothetical murder narrative? For a book deal? You think OJ couldn't get a book deal without agreeing to do some fuck shit like this??? Man if you was riding with OJ You was definitely on the wrong side of history OJ is a devil damned psychopath and he going to end up in hell with a bunch of emails to send and no wi-fi Do you think OjSimpson did it? Meme

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