Charles Hymas @charleshymas Artificial intelligence Al and face recognition technology is being used for the first time in job interviews in the UK to identify the best candidates telegraphcouknews2019092 William Perrin and 9 others 907 AM Sep 28 2019 Twitter Web App assorted troublemakers @quatoria it's an amazing act of stage magic white supremacy has pulled to transfer it's values and norms to artificial intelligence and then because they successfully taught a computer to be racist congrats i guess? pretend that it is now neutral and objective and unassailable assorted troublemakers @quatoria like teaching a facial recognition system to make judgements based on posting those same BS eugenics into a screed on livejournal in that the output of both procedures is identically unsound garbage - but one is called objective eugenicist BS is *exactly* like 757 PM Sep 30 2019 Twitter Web Client assorted troublemakers @quatoria as though computers had some magical inherent property within them that transforms all of their output into reasonable logical defensible things as if they magic black box that takes in input and were a produces Correct Results assorted troublemakers @quatoria you can get literally *any* desired output from systems like these when designing them it is laughable to pretend otherwise 800 PM Sep 30 2019 Twitter Web Client uncommonbish Can we please get just one robot apocalypse movie where white supremacy is correctly identified as the catalyst for war? Meme

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