Cheese with eggs Cheese with mint Cheese with sausage Mix Breakfast Meal Vegetable bowl Bowl with tahini and lemon 9 12 The four Seasons Mex cheese Super Spream i-jZl J^ ^ Dish Homs Masters aisju Sa Hummus dish with meat 14 ALII L99LİJL- Sombusk mousse cheeseAi Samposak Viagra Cheese or meat cup Dish of chickpea chicken 14 Hummus dish with chopped meat 14 EHw尸-w Le て농L99LiJL va- 449 4AUL ilatu Vegetarian pizza Sausage aThe fruits of the sea SShakshuka dish LEgg bowl eyes 9 Egg dish omelette Dish omeletswith vegetables 9 Egg dish omelet with cheese 9 Dish boiled eggs Grape leaves Arab authority Baba ghanoush Pickled eggplant Pickled tomatoes Pickled potatoes 0부9 W 广 ·-colo L Minced meat -o Dish of brick Iskandran liver dish Saqandaran sausage bowl 14 Dish of Hawashi Iskandarani 14 My Hawashi dish is in the garden 14 My Hawashi dish is empty 14 oa Turkey turkey Cheese with sausage Salamimeat aib n 2515 yA- Grilled cheese Fried Cheese 3 Salami Vegetables Arias dish with meat ilwsw_u9 Cheese with mushrooms 2515 Pis z Dish mashed Potato with mozzarella 9 Sausage Vegetables Chicken Dish 14 A bowl of baked potato 9 10 2 Double burger burger12 Meal Shawerma ChickenMeat 15 s LosLi yme AL-MANAKEESH l All dishes are served with free bread and a soft drink or tea in the restaurant SMALL PASTRIES ÜHİočuo Arabic Falafel Bread Meat Shawerma Chicken Shawarma His liver is Scandinavian Arabic bread Meat with vegetables LasLHot Dog with Cheese 325 12 12 LoMeat with molasses pomegranate 12 LCheese Spinach Pizza Cheese Mix 25 Meat by dough Italian bread Burger Shawarma meat Meat with vegetables Cheese with Mortadella 12Cheese with eggs -a Kashkawan cheese 12 12 12 Chicken Shawarma Burger 12 Abrick with thyme and olives 12 12 12 Red with a weft Cheese Mix Fatayer's Mix 4 pcs With soft drink A brick with vegetables Arayes weft Chicken Fajita as e Spinach with red Lal al r tea inside the shop 14 12 A brick with honey Cheese with Thyme iej a- Egyptian pizza with a drink 14 Cold or salad and fetish 92 sg -we-s-seris and pickled tomatoes Meme

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