Chika where's our money? Y-You-chan I-I thought Mari- chan gave it to me as a gift! Ms Ohara is a very generous woman but she doesn't run a charity Now where is it Chika? I-I don't have it on me right now! I used it to buy tera jumbo nesoberi's of U's! Can you let this slide? P-Please You-chan?! Nine million yen isn't something the Ohara Family can just ignore To be honest this isn't about the money it's about respect Ms Ohara has treated you with such generosity yet you cannot repay her kindness? That is just something our organization cannot tolerate You have three days Y-Yes You-chan! Tell Mari- chan I'll get her money! Good You know what? Why don't you give Ms Ohara eleven million yen instead? Seeing as how you have greatly insulted Ms Ohara by not repaying her so far she will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness with this gift If you are unable to reciprocate then Ms Ohara will have no choice but to send someone who won't ask as nicely DAUs LATER She made a big buu buu against The Family desu wa! Meme

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