Child me looking at the Mirrorx man i'd be much prettier and happier as a boy Child me xmost happy when playing with the boys and being a part of em* Child me hates shopping for female Clothing and putting on makeup cuz it makes me feel like shit Child me always Picks to be a boy when playing pretend cuz the role just fits me better* Child me picks to be a boy in any game there is especially pkmn and getting really attached to the name 1 picked out for said character* Child me *thinking Breast Cancer isn't even that bad Why would anyone be sad about loosing their boobs? I wouldnt mind Mom is it possible for me to get Breast Cancer Child me *treasures the memory lf that one time my cousin called me a surfer dude and all the other times when i was called a skaterboy by friendk Child me kextremely happy when i habe to help my dad in the garden or moving heavy stuff cuz thats usually seen as a guys job* Child me xhoping to get a deep voice when growing up just like one of those many singers i had these weird 'crushes' onk Adult me i cant be trans cuz there where no signs! looks back on my memories* Huh i guess there were some signs after all Reupload for clarity Yes because getting cancer is such a good thing Meme

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