children l've met plenty of single parents of both genders who raise brilliant children So your uneducated opinion isn't unwanted on my post You write ath's name as if this is her post maybe you're too moronic to realise this isn't But you'd be a single parent I'll pray for you that single parent hood isn't failure though My parents stayed together like Me and my wife family is everything I believe that Like Reply 21 mins More 26 mins Like Reply More 25 mins Like Reply More yes but at least My children would have seen the family unit all the years leading up to it Changed you're profile pic but the message is about you how ironic Clearly you where brought up with different values her profile 24 mins Like Reply More Like Reply 20 mins More Like Reply 23 mins More 26 mins Like Reply More people nowadays think it's ays on to the next instead of fixing what's at home your wife dies according to you your children are automatically broken? You're logic seems flawed but that's your beliefs according to what If if my wife dies l'll be single forever there is no one else for me ide Why would I pray for gains 26 mins Like Reply More 24 mins Like Reply More just cherish my children 22 mins Like Reply More you say I was raised by both my parents nice try though Like 20 mins Reply More Btw regarding single parents you say pick the right one what if your wife's or husband dies Why do you think we where brought up with different values I believe it trying your hardest to fix a family but you can't stop death accidents illness Reply 25 mins Like More And they will never see there father with another women I then you're a single parent like fuck your mind is closed minded if you think only separated women bring up children l've met plenty of think that would mean a lot the message is very true more to them tbh I ike Renly 20 mins More 25 mins Replv Like More More model and a strong temale role model and consistency is important to a child Wow You changed your profile picture for the second time during our conversation yet you're assuming you know me from one picture from like two- three months ago? At least I'm not posting on your posts this is fb Like Reply 19 mins More not English class I guarantee your bank balance isn't as healthy as mine so define who is clever here 15 mins Like Reply More yes wow social media has ruined society Seriously who are you? 15 mins 19 mins Like Reply Like Reply More More 2 mins Haha More Like Reply 3 mins More Why are you on my shared pos you're creepy People think it's normal to pump there face with plastic etc that should be illegal Yes I changed the picture not related at all to yourself 14 mins Like Reply More Like Reply 18 mins 1 min Like More More green hair is supposed to be an insult you need to learn that someone's chosen appearance isn't insulting they chose to look that way you idiot If I think your a bit of a weirdo tbh And why exactly do you think we have different values? Also family unit means nothing if you can't teach them empathy You're demonstrating a lack of ability to spell as well as being rude on a random persons post that a random person shared You're incredibly rude and keep trying to insist we believe in different things I If I was being a smart arse ide have changed it to this 7 mins Reply Like More Reply Like 2 mins More Green hair 7 mins Like Reply More Learn when to use you're and your? look ver angry in profile pic believe a child should be raised with a strong masculine role model and a strong female role Reply Like 2 mins More Part 2 chronologically of my weird conversation Meme

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