Chloe Angyal @ChloeAngyal The Taylor Swift playbook David Mack@davidmackau Ivanka on Fox News There's a level of viciousness I wasn't expecting in DC FOX EWS NKA TRUMP SPE G IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN ORLANDO TO HONOR THE PATRONS MASSA 808 AM 12 Jun 17 272 RETWEETS 929 LIKES Chloe Angyal Φ @ChloeAngyal ·7h Replying to @ChloeAngyal One of the things white womanhood affords you especially if you're pretty and rich is a bottomless unending victimhood narrative 125 364 Chloe Angyal@chloeAngyal 6h It affords you the option of putting on and taking off vulnerability when it suits knowing people will always defend you when you need it 189 Chloe Angyal@ChloeAngyal 6h And it means that no matter what you've done wrong even if you're someone people love to hate people will love and feel sorry for you 131 Chloe Angyal@ChloeAngyal 6h No matter how rich how powerful hovw desirable how vicious you are you are always the most vulnerable hardest-done-by one in the room わ2 30 149 Chloe Angyal Ф @chloeAngyal 6h t is a playbook that gets marginalized people killed and that keeps white women's hands spotlessly clean It has worked this way for years 41 189 Chloe Angyal @ChloeAngyal 5h And how long until Ivanka asks to be excluded from this narrative? 13 8 61 Meme

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