chloe @chloeematson my 13 year old brother responded to my picture of the ice cream i ate today and was really laying into me and my friends C47 PM 040 PM chloe matson 18m 290 Willy Poo Willy Poo Chloe day after day I have to go through your story and see stuff like this I wish yo would be more understanding that your little brother sees these and maybe you WILLY Chloe you know what I mean Half the damn time your doing shit that's against the law and the other half it looks like your friends should tone it down a little I love you but are about to go work a 12 hour shift at the please come on corner WILLY I'M COLD YOU THINK THIS OS SOME KIND OF JOKE ME it's ice cream end o chat end a cha hahahahaha yeah hahahahaha yeah Over ice cream πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - - - - funnyshit funmemes100 instadaily instaday daily posts fun nochill girl savage girls boys men women lol lolz follow followme follow for more funny content πŸ’― @funmemes100 Meme

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