chloemac86 goodqueenalys nomadactual goodqueenalys The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers When the laws don't work the laws must change Well clearly you failed 9th grade Social Studies You knowI honestly don't remember how did in 9th grade Social Studies? I did okay majoring in Political Science and American Government in undergad though I graduated summa cum aude so I fgure i must ha learned something? Law school also went alright I guess? I did somehow manage to get arn article about the constitutionality and modification of excessive force laws through out the 50 states placed in a national publication AndI also managed to pass the Bar Exam ut e ts totaly pos nclatudles t Little shit when I was 15 and gave no fucks Hey 911 I just witnessed a murder via pregnanttoastdumplings Law school went alright I guess? Meme

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