chogetten Dark Checolate Kp cool and dry Cosanar enn ocfnso sec Pul ab Tedhesada Keep cool and dry Conservar en un Lpr fesco y seco Pull ab Tire de la pestala Keep cool and dry Schogetten Keep cool and dry Conserar en un ar fresco y seca Pull tab Tire de la pestala 0320 L590819 Dark Chocolate Chocolate negro Nutrition Facts about 35 servings per container Serving size 5 pieces 28g OALITY DARK CHOCOLATE Amount per serin Calories 150 INGREDIENTS SUGAR CHOCOLATE COCOA BUTTER BUTTERFAT SOY LECITHIN NATURAL FLAVOR S Daily Value 12% 25% Total Fat Saturated Far S Tron Fat O Cholesterol Ong Sodium Om Total Carbohydrate 1 Dietary Feer 3 Tocal Supari 1De Incudes 13g Added Suprs Protein 2 CONTAINS MILK SOY 0% MAY CONTAIN TRACES 0% OF PEANUTS TREE NUTS GLUTEN AND EGG 20% CHOCOLATE NEGRO INGREDIENTES AZUCAR PASTA DE CACAO MANTECA DE CACAO MANTEQUILLA CONCENTRADA LECITINA DE SOYA AROMAS Calcum 20mg 2 Potas 480mg 10% V D 0% ron 26mg 15% They daet bodbn yde200 ar tor o CONTIENE LECH PUEDE CONTEN AS DE CACAHUATES FRUTOS DE CASCARA GLU HUEVO LUDWG SCHOROLADE GMBH&CO KO A MEHBER OF TH KRUGER GROUP POSTFACH 2013 0-44720 SAARLOUS CERMANY MADE IN GERMANYPRODUCTO DE ALEMANIA 90 303 18 pieces With Sehogetten piece by pce pleas melting checalate mde A7400al 4 likes tibbstradingcompany Hooray! The imported chocolate bars are here! more Meme

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