Choose 2 of the following 3 options Write your answers in an organized fashion in the space provided Label the question you are answering on the left-hand side of the booklet The IB will give 1 mark on these questions for organization Note annotated diagrams graphs and other organizational tools are permitted 2 Explain how evolution may happen in response to an environmental change 8 marks Explain how DNA is used to pass on genetic information to offspring accurately but also produce variation in species 8 marks 34 Metabolic reactions are catalysed by enzymes Explain how enzymes catalyse reactions and how a 8 marks change in pH could affect this hes have owred os a 3a due result of eithe be cause ot ths vd be finches at one pant in tinehtis h eS Several he oorated be cause of natual dlisosters dr ed resultid n Hle vater difficult to find food th larger braks ee able to progs hich nesulted in that tte as eef fo inchs lod they ad had meo sivaller bear s they plie fori iwhile fnches with smalaks w seleced ainst an cande o a ses geting squated due to natucal disastes suach a5 n tar thauake wduld be the manmoth vs the wool ma the A sptits a ed with the waly tings ader clinnat thty had to adayt gc thy ere abl to tvolve to san thiek oets to yrokdt PhemSels fom the orsh clhnat hetutr Hhost uho hieunade t aday in this othe hnches died but seledt ed ause waulike the bnches die colde rhmattmmmotks with loets wert selectd Por AcLin hle he ot'se secd h giw the oun bed Ri aumaphits Olonet iwsonamcatal shacgt naS A ou ah lowu the sgtaes surely do olve heav influenk an wolution al e wine het idswesaha 33 DNA ts able to pass geneticinfor vnah on to its taco mats with 0eaceat nt th Ruent apnet codedue tD th the chld's gens vould b a ok this one’s neater it’s from my bio mock Meme

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