Choose Life! Procreation is about creating new soldiers for Christ Not for pleasure Every time a man waste his seed millions of unborn souls go STRAIGHT TO HELL! ****EDIT I can't believe I have to point this out but WE are not the ones claiming every sperm wasted is a dead baby THAT is the claim this image makes We simply provide some basic math to illustrate just how deeply fucking asinine this line of thinking is by pointing out how many potential babies their so-called god is then murdering by using only 1 to fertalise an egg **** Funfact A fertile male human ejaculates between 2 and 5 millilitres ml of semen on average about a teaspoon In each ml there are normally about 100 million sperm So during procreation a healthy fertile male might inseminate a woman with as many as 500 million sperm of which only ONE might successfully fertilise an egg If we follow this poster's logic and accept that god exists then this is god's design that means god is wasting as many as 499999999 sperm every time a women becomes pregnant To put that into the context of this meme's logicevery time a woman becomes pregnant god murdered as many as 499999999 unborn babies Though it is very difficult to calculate exact number of women getting pregnant per day it is generally estimated that approximately 605479 women get pregnant in a day worldwide If we take an average sperm deposit of say 250 million per pregnancy that's a staggering 151369750000000 potential babies god murders daily One hundred fifty-one trillion three hundred sixty-nine billion seven hundred fifty million-- that's roughly 21 thousand times the current population of earth Just saying *sips coffee* Meme

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