Chris Brecheen 4 hrs I once told my class about a movie with this matrilineal society that had a Queen who had a daughter But she also had a sister and the sister was upset that the daughter might take the throne so the sister has both of them killed Except the daughter doesn't die but escapes and is raised by two peasant women and then when the love interest dude finds her and tells her that everything sucks under her aunt she has this crisis of conscience There's also this medicine woman who does a sort of mentor wisdom thing to convince her that she has to go back So she goes back with the two peasant women and reclaims her birthright to the throne They said it sounded unfathomably boring Most of the guys dismissed it as a chick flick I then told them I had just gender-flipped The Lion King--which a fevw weeks earlier they had voted on as their favorite Disney movie makinaro This guy consistently spits the greatest wisdom The lion queen Meme

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